Bonez MC - Angeklagt VFX

Working closely with director Shaho Casado, MostMagic created the Visual Effects for the latest Bonez MC music video. 

This job was magic.

Client : Bonez MC

Director, DOP, Editing, Supervisor: Shaho Casado

VFX: MostMagic, Julian Trunke

Production: Alldifferent by Allan Anders
Production Manager: Diana Chamani
Production Team: Anton Behmer, Lukas Wohlatz, Ghoufrane Bouzergoun

Light Designer: Andreas Schwab
Light Technician: Dominic Heim

Actress: Vera Alexia Dynda, bittemitsahne Agency

Angeklagt Song produced by: The Cratez
Mix: Niklas Neumann
Master: Lex Barkey